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Design Flourish

My Mission & Values

My Mission

My mission is to provide moms that work from home inspirational coaching, consulting, classes, workshops, and events that offers solutions to their entrepenerial needs.

My Vision

My vision is to ignite a spark in my clients by supporting their entrepreneurial goals.

A Holistic Approach

The techniques I use help my clients grow mind, body, and spirit, while still maintaining a sense of purpose and stability.
Meditations, Affirmations, and Reiki will all be incorporated throughout the program and coaching.

The Missing Pieice

The products, services, and classes presented here are meant to fill in the missing piece in your business.

1:1 Business Coaching & Consulting

When you work with me, you'll get the best of both world!

A business coach is someone that identifies your behavioral patterns and helps you overcome fears, limitations, and self-sabotage, etc. while challenging you to be motivated, have actionable plans, and be held accountable.

A business consultant helps you with the analytical aspects of your business such as reviewing your marketing strategies, pricing, and product offerings and help with streamlining your systems to run a more efficient business.

See My Services

WomanSpeak Circle

WomanSpeak provide women the opportunity to learn the art and soul of public speaking. Woman may choose to certify as a WomanSpeak Speaker after completing 16 months of meetings and assignments.

Mailing Address

1002 Lititz Pike Box #204
Lancaster, PA 17534




Monday-Wednesday, and Friday:
12-1pm LUNCH
Thursday & Weekends: by appointment