10 Simple Ideas for Self-Care

Today I’m talking about self-care! I practice self-care every day. Sometimes I do more than other days, but I generally take a few minutes of my day to do something that makes me feel good. Good self-care can help you take preventative measures in your health and wellness. A quick boost throughout the day can help keep your mood on the right track!
Number 1:
Drink your favorite beverage in the morning without interruption. I love tea and am not a coffee fan, so I drink a tea in the morning when I wake up.
Number 2:
Spritz your favorite essential oil or burn some incense to boost your mood.
Number 3:
Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood after lunch or before dinner.
When the weather is nice I usually take my kids for a walk around the block to get exercise and get some fresh air.
Number 4:
Savor a piece of delicious chocolate (or your favorite) candy.
I’m not talking about buying a king-size bar to eat, but having a few small pieces of chocolate or favorite treat can help boost your mood!
Number 5:
Take a shower and let meditative music blare in the background.
Number 6:
Practice Tai Chi or other meditative exercise a few minutes every day.
Number 7:
Meditate for 5 minutes before going to bed (or when you wake up!).
Number 8:
Listen to your favorite music and dance! Movement of any kind will help get your blood pumping and elevate your mood! I love 80s and early classic rock bands!
Number 9:
Go to bed at a decent hour! No more staying up until 1 am to binge watch another Netflix show. Getting proper rest can boost your health!
Number 10:
Listen to a morning affirmation. These short (usually less than 10 minutes long) videos are a great way to get yourself in a positive start to the day.
You can find some short affirmations on YouTube. Clink on the button to be redirected to my affirmation videos.