2-Hour Power Session

The 2-hour Power Session is a great option if you need a quick resolution to a problem.  You’ll fill out the application and from there we’ll schedule your call.

The 2-Hour Power Session does not come with a DiSC Assessment or a private Facebook group support. You are welcomed to join my Facebook group open to the general public.  Simply click on the button below for access.

If you would like to have access to the DiSC Assessment, please send me an email to info@rosemaryeking.com, Subject line “DiSC Assessment”.  Depending on if you want just the test or coaching afterward will determine the final cost of the service.

The Process

Direct Communication

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    Once your application has been approved, an invoice and contract will be sent to your inbox.
    We will communicate by email for up to 15 days after the Power Session.

  • 02

    You will receive a direct link to a private access number from Zoom, once your session has been scheduled. Please have a pen and notebook handy to write down any notes during the session.

  • 03

    Together we will do a quick meditation, and then move on to the discovery portion of the call. We will brainstorm and come up with an action plan that is customized for your needs.

  • 04

    After our phone call, if previously discussed, I will develop for you worksheets and checklists to keep you accountable!

Weekly Check-Ins

  • 01

    I will check in with you at least twice. Use this time to let me know of your progress and any questions or concerns you have so that we can brainstorm new solutions.

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    We will develop for you due dates and target dates on your calendar so that you can set goals and can see when you’re making progress!

Ongoing Discovery

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    Over the 15 days that we’ll be in contact we’ll be collaborating together on your progress and evaluating any obstacles you’re facing.

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    We will be reviewing what is and is not working and take steps to correct any challenges.
    You’ll be ready for action and have the motivation to succeed!

Now that you know what I offer, let me explain what you can expect from a coaching session with me. I want you to understand am not an expert in your business, you are. This is important for you to understand, because as a coach, I am not able to tell you what to do, but help guide you and brainstorm with you, various ideas and information that can help you find a solution to your unique business problem. I’m here to help hold you accountable, to help you see patterns in your behavior that might have a negative impact on your business matters.

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    Discover solutions

    First, you’ll be empowered to discover and learn the options available for yourself. This ties in with what I discussed above. My purpose as a coach isn’t to give you the answers, because that will not help you. It will make you dependent on my advice and that isn’t good for either of us. Having the capability to discover the solutions yourself, you’ll be aware on how to tackle similar issues in the future.

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    Practice new behavioral patterns

    Second, you’ll be able to practice new behavioral patterns, even short-term. You’ll be given 15 days of follow-up email support that will give you the accountability to practice what we’ve discussed. This practice will translate into positive behavioral changes that will lead to better results in your business.

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    Supportive Environment

    Third, you’ll be part of a supportive environment. I will be your personal cheerleader and holding you accountable, even when you feel like you’re struggling. Part of growing as a business owner is being stretched and being asked to come out of your comfort zone. I will be there to support you, to listen to your concerns and give you motivation to push through the tough spots. This progress is an essential part of your business growth.

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    Fourth, you may experience enhanced self-awareness. Through the course of answering questions regarding your situation, you’ll start to dig deep into the patterns that surround your situation. When you are aware of your motivation, emotional state, and behavioral patterns that surrounds a situation, you’ll have more power and information to find a solution that fits well with your business and personal integrity. Without fully understanding your self-awareness, you may miss key emotional and behavioral patterns that put you at risk for failing.

Are you ready to take action?

If you're ready to find gaps in how you work, learn about your behavioral patterns, and want to take massive action in your business, then a 2-Hour Power Session with me is the answer you're looking for! As Napoleon Hill once said, “Stregnth and growth come only through continual effort and struggle.”


Take a moment to apply for this unique coaching session with me. It will take about 10-minutes to complete.