5 Simple Full Moon Rituals for Business Owners

Today is a full moon, so here are 5 quick rituals you can do to help boost your business and releases what no longer serves your business and customers!

1) Do a forgiveness exercise to let the Universe know you’re ready to release your feelings of bitterness, hurt, anger, etc. to move on to something better. Click here to learn how to do a Forgiveness Exercise.

2) Declutter your work space. This is a great way to toss any old papers, put receipts in their proper place or clean up your desk to make space for all the new clients and customers waiting to work with you!

3) Cleanse your workspace. Depending on where you work you may have restrictions on what you can do. For instance, burning sage, or spraying essential oils might be discouraged if you work in a shared office space.

Therefore, if you’re restricted, be creative! You can cleanse your space with music, clapping, chimes, bells, or through hand movements!

4) Burn your Abundance Check and giving thanks for all the prosperity and abundance the Universe gave to your business! Don’t know what an Abundance Check is? Check out my blog on Abundance Checks for Business Owners!

5) Say a Prayer, Affirmation, or Chant to Release all that is holding your business back from success!

Money flows into my business easily and effortlessly. Money gives me the opportunity to expand my business so that I can meet the needs of my clients and customers. I have more fun when I can work with people that need my expertise. I love that money will enhance my business in positive ways. I am grateful for the feelings of security, adventure, and prosperity that money allows me to experience.
Opportunities to grow in financial abundance is before me. The universe places the right people in my life to help me grow my business and create a dynamic team that will soar to the top. I am joyful of all the possibilities that can come into my life and business. With unwavering faith, I believe that my success is around the corner.