7 Steps to Creating an Abundance Check for Business Owners

The New Moon is a perfect time to think about what you want to create in the coming days. Your business or job is the lifeline to how you share your wisdom with others. Whether you own your own business or work for an organization or company, having a feeling of abundance and prosperity will help you create an appreciation of all the good in your life.

The use of an abundance check helps you produce more abundance and prosperity in your business or job. It is a tool that has been handed down over many years and therefore, I am unsure of its origin. But I do know that by having an abundance check written brings additional prosperity and abundance in my business and personal life.

It’s not only about “money”, but prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your business or job such as confidence, new clients, knowledge, skills, courage, etc.
So, here are 7 steps to writing an Abundance Check:

1) Within 24-hours of a New Moon, write your check. You can make your own or you can use one from your own checkbook. I like to make my own, because I no longer keep bank checks, as I can write them from my account online.

2) Create the check as you would as a normal check. Below you can see my check that I created. You can add or subtract any embellishment you desire. You can use essential oils to make them scented, such as clove, frankincense, orange, or ginger.

3) Fill the check in as if it were a normal check. Here is my check that is completed

4) Once your check is written, you can say a prayer, affirmation, or chant. Here are a few you can choose from

Thank you, Universe for the many gifts of abundance and prosperity that you have given to me and are preparing to give to me.
I am grateful for the prosperity and abundance in my business (career).
I am thankful for all the riches in my business (career).
Money flows through me, in me, and around me all my days.
The abundance in my life helps those around me and I am grateful.
I stay aligned with the energy of abundance and prosperity by staying mindful of my thoughts, words, and actions.

5) Put the check in a safe place. Some people leave it on an alter. Others put it in their checkbook or wallet. What you do with the check is up to you. You can leave it on a vision board at work or frame it on your desk.

6) At the full moon discard the check. You can tear it up. Burn it. Or flush it down the toilet. The choice is yours.

7) Say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the abundance and prosperity you received and will continue to receive.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on how to write a business abundance check!