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Being a new mom can be tiresome, difficult, and sometimes scary. You are not alone! I have spent the past 17 years raising my six children while my husband was actively serving in the United States Navy. I am passionate about families and balancing home-life with work. I enjoyed being a doula, but now that my husband is retired from the Navy and travels between Georgia, Florida, and Texas, with us in tow in our RV, I am unable to keep a doula schedule. Therefore, I have shifted my focus to helping moms as a doula to helping WAHMs start and build their business.

I have tried so many different businesses over the years, Mary Kay, Traveling Vineyard, The Body Shop, Discovery Toys, and so much more! Those experiences led me to where I am today. The knowledge I have will benefit WAHMs with a party plan business or one that is online through blogging or creating content to sell to others. I have taken several online courses to help me gain additional understanding of the ever evolving way of creating and promoting a business online.

My signature Coaching & Consulting Program, From Spark to Success offers 1:1 and group coaching or consulting to my clients.

My mission is to provide WAHMs inspirational content that offers solutions to their entrepreneurial problems. If you’d like to learn more about my signature program, you can visit my Facebook or Group pages.

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