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I’m more than just a mom. And yet, when people ask what I do, I have trouble articulating who I am. It’s hard to be taken seriously when it feels as though the world around you are waiting to take a chance to judge you and tell you that your beliefs and actions are wrong, or somehow harmful to the ones you care the most about.

I can still remember the times in my life when finances were difficult, and we had more month than money. I remember having to make the decision to pull from a coin collection from childhood to pay for diapers. And most recently, living in an RV because it was better than being homeless on the street. The frustration and unknown of how things would work out causes stress and depression in anyone. Rising above and realizing how far you’ve come is an amazing feeling after the troubling and challenging life situations that you’ve had to face.

I have only ever wanted to be a conduit for women for as long as I can remember. Wanting to open a Wellness Center for mothers has been a dream of mine since my early twenties. I have envisioned that this center would be a place for women that needed a safe place to stay at as a way to escape from domestic violence, for single mothers needing extra support due to inability to financially care for their families, and every mother in between. It would be a stepping stone for these women to gain compassion, understanding, and skills needed to become self-sufficient and capable of sharing their voices to those in similar situations.

Over the years, my desire to help women has only grown stronger. And seeing the need to support military families during deployments was something that I couldn’t ignore. I spent my time supporting women through birth as a doula and recognize the need for more love and care for these families. Many military spouses are left alone and fall through the cracks and when they do, the family structure suffers as well.

By giving women a voice to share her experiences, grow a business, or take time to develop her own skills to pursue her dreams will help her to live a better life and enable her to further the expansion of love and generosity in her community.

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