Decluttering Negative Emotions…Part 2

Now that you’ve done the hard work, it’s time to put it into a way that you can manage and change your behavior in an effective manner.  It’s not enough to see what your patterns are, now we’re going to look at ways to put into action a plan that will help you release those emotions and declutter them from your life!

This exercise is only one portion of the whole picture in holistic health and healing.  However, if you can master this part early, then the rest will fall into place quickly.  The basic understanding of decluttering emotional baggage is to release the negative energy surrounding all the stuff that happens to you.  To do this, you need to understand that forgiveness works and that if you skip this part of the equation, you will never be as well and healthy as you can possibly be.  You will always suffer from aliments that are attributed to your poor emotional well-being.

Step 1:

Take your list of emotions and notice the patterns.  Own them.  But don’t dwell.  You may see that certain times of each month brings a certain emotion out.  Or you may find that every year you experience the same thing over and over again.  Contemplate on why this is happening.  Usually it’s because you’re needed to learn a lesson.  When you recognize why you keep experiencing the same thing, then you can move on to step 2.

Step 2:

Take a look at the challenges you faced and the emotions that came along for the ride.  Did you list any triggers to those challenges?  If so, what were they and how can you prepare for those triggers in the future?  Note, avoidance is not the right answer here.  If you “remove” or avoid something or someone the only thing you’re doing in delaying the inevitable.  You haven’t mastered your emotions surrounding the situation or individual.  Dig deep here and find ways to react in a different way.  To respond differently.

Step 3:

Use the list of challenges to start a new list…a list for forgiving.  Yourself, others, and the world around you for being in that position.

Next, click on my blog post, How to Forgive for a 4-step process on forgiving your transgressions over the past year.  This will get you in a place of giving and receiving love.  If you skip this step, then the work you’ve done in the previous steps will be for nothing.  If anything, take time, as much as you need…hours, days, or even weeks to complete your list.  You may also find it beneficial to repeat this step every few months to truly release the transgressions against you.