Meditation & Affirmation Subscription

I am offering once a month Affirmations & Meditations sent in MP3 form to inboxes every second Tuesday of the month.

Each meditation and affirmation will also be available through my website through a private members only page for you to log into and enjoy. You’ll be able to listen to past meditations and affirmations with your subscription.

Each month you’ll be billed $22 for this exclusive subscription. You’ll receive 1 Affirmation and 1 Meditation every second Tuesday of the month.

You will not find these Affirmations and Meditations on my YouTube Channel. They will only be available to my subscribers.

Every month on the Second Tuesday of the month, you will receive an email with the Meditation and Affirmation MP3 recording.

The email you use for Paypal is the email that will be used for the subscription. Please send an email to if you need to change your email.

Choose your subscription details below. If you purchase the yearly subscription, you’ll save $42.

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Upcoming Meditation & Affirmation Subjects

January 9: New Year, New Me

February 13: I am Love

March 13: I am Joyful

April 10 : I am Creative

May 8: I am Worthy

June 12: I am Cheerful

July 10: I am Inspirational

August 14: I am Healthy

September 11: I Heal myself and others.

October 9: I am Prosperous and full of Abundance

November 13: I am Grateful

December 11: I love to Celebrate