3 Steps to growing your network leads organically

When you join a multi-level marketing or network marketing company you are generally taking steps to quickly grow your team and your customer base within the first 30 or 45 days. Some companies offer incentives whether it’s payment, earning your kit for free, or other prizes to help motivate you into adding as many new people as you possibly can.

Without formal training on how to do this, many new consultants discover that growing their network leads is difficult and exhausting. Most MLM or network marketing teams have you start off by putting together a list of your 100 closest friends and family. They have you do this by filling out a worksheet that has you go through everyone you’ve ever met and write their name down on your active leads list. This post will help you expand from that initial list and help you grow your list using organic methodologies.

It’s important to remember that to truly grow your list, you need to be consistent and seek out people every day. Some companies suggest you add 2 to 5 people a day. The number isn’t as important as being consistent, even when you don’t feel like doing the work.

Grit, is what separates those that have wild success and those that do not.

Finally, put down the phone. When you are checking your notifications every 5 minutes, you’re taking out valuable time from your day to make the organic connections that are going to help you build your business. Social media is a great tool, but your best tool is your conversation and personality that you share with others in an in-person manner.

Step 1: Be present and aware in your daily activities to grow your social circle

What do I mean by being present and aware? Simply that you interact with others on a personal level. For example, when you go shopping, have a conversation with the cashier that is ringing up your items. Ask them how they are. What’s the best part of their day. If they’re wearing a name tag, address them by name. Be personable, and genuine.

Step 2: Expand your network by creating new ways to meet people

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people and expand your network. Social groups like book clubs, cooking classes, or arts & crafts groups are great examples of expanding your network and meet new people. If you want to have more business minded individuals, join a mastermind, or the Chamber of Commerce. Where would you find these groups? Meetup.com, Craigslist, checking your local paper for organizations that support your community are different ways you can find groups that are interesting to you. If one isn’t available due to being in a small rural community, consider staring one yourself!

Step 3: Reach out to others by sharing your expertise through events (online and offline)

Here is where you can use social media to expand your network. With Facebook’s LIVE feature, you can share our tips with the people that are already part of your business page. Some ideas on what types of videos you can do:

• Q&A on products, new developments in the company

• Share your favorite products, or demonstrate how to properly use a product or service that your company offers

• Interview your customers that love the products and ask them why they choose to work with you

• Get product reviews from customers

Offline you can create small events in your community with many of the same ideas you use online. You can choose to do more formal events by sharing the product or opportunity, but make sure you personalize the event to fit your audience.


I hope these 3 steps gave you some new and helpful ideas on how to organically grow your network! If you like this post, please leave a comment or share it with others.

5 Simple Full Moon Rituals for Business Owners

Today is a full moon, so here are 5 quick rituals you can do to help boost your business and releases what no longer serves your business and customers!

1) Do a forgiveness exercise to let the Universe know you’re ready to release your feelings of bitterness, hurt, anger, etc. to move on to something better. Click here to learn how to do a Forgiveness Exercise.

2) Declutter your work space. This is a great way to toss any old papers, put receipts in their proper place or clean up your desk to make space for all the new clients and customers waiting to work with you!

3) Cleanse your workspace. Depending on where you work you may have restrictions on what you can do. For instance, burning sage, or spraying essential oils might be discouraged if you work in a shared office space.

Therefore, if you’re restricted, be creative! You can cleanse your space with music, clapping, chimes, bells, or through hand movements!

4) Burn your Abundance Check and giving thanks for all the prosperity and abundance the Universe gave to your business! Don’t know what an Abundance Check is? Check out my blog on Abundance Checks for Business Owners!

5) Say a Prayer, Affirmation, or Chant to Release all that is holding your business back from success!

Money flows into my business easily and effortlessly. Money gives me the opportunity to expand my business so that I can meet the needs of my clients and customers. I have more fun when I can work with people that need my expertise. I love that money will enhance my business in positive ways. I am grateful for the feelings of security, adventure, and prosperity that money allows me to experience.
Opportunities to grow in financial abundance is before me. The universe places the right people in my life to help me grow my business and create a dynamic team that will soar to the top. I am joyful of all the possibilities that can come into my life and business. With unwavering faith, I believe that my success is around the corner.

Forgiveness Exercise for Business Owners

I have been studying forgiveness exercises from various individuals and faiths. One that stands out the most with the popularity on how to perform a successful forgiveness exercise is from Hawaii. It’s called Ho’oponopono, and it is the Hawaiian practice for reconciliation and forgiveness. It is a 4-Step Process.

As business owners, we encounter stressful situations, possibly angry or upset customers or clients, and may face challenges with suppliers or vendors. It’s important to remember that to heal ourselves and our business and grow into a better person or place to support our community with our gifts, we need to release all that holds us back. And this is where forgiveness comes into play.

If we hold a grudge in our business, we will surely lose customers, clients, workers, or accounts. Have you noticed when you hold a grudge you become slightly obsessed with the act of being angry all the time? Your time is consumed with gossiping with others about the “wrong” that was done to you, and you can’t let it go. Each new person gets a quick version of what happened. And while it’s nice to vent to good friends, gossiping and oversharing your awful experience with customers, clients, suppliers, employees, etc. can cause many people to no longer want to work with you. Plus, it can lead to poor health.

So, what can you do? Forgive. It’s not always fun. You were humiliated, took advantage of, or lost money. I get it. Been there, done that. Over the years my husband and I were taken advantage of by business partners. We’ve lost thousands of dollars in equipment and money. We’ve been humiliated by these so-called friends. But we didn’t let these experiences make us feel like owning a business was a bad idea. We still reach out to others. We still network. We still move forward in the promise of a better tomorrow.

Here are the 4-Steps to Forgiveness

Before you begin, decide if you want to write down your grievances or simply say them aloud. If you chose to write them down, write them all down before you begin, so you can move quickly through each grievance. You may want to burn the paper when you’re done with this exercise.

1) Say “I’m Sorry.”
Expressing your remorse and accepting responsibility helps you consciously understand the lesson you should have learned from the experience. You also show that you are serious in releasing that which no longer is serving your highest good.

2) Say “I forgive me. I forgive you.”
Most people are taught to forgive the person that wronged them. And you can. Saying “I forgive you” shows that you are ready to let go of that pain that was caused. Saying, “I forgive me”, lets the universe know that you accept the experience and are ready to start anew.

3) Say, “Thank you”.
Expressing your gratitude will show that you have accepted the experience and are grateful for the lesson you learned.

4) Say, “I love you”.
Expressing your love, for yourself, or the person that wronged you can help you truly release all that pain. Love can help you begin to heal.

Therefore, I hope you can find it in your heart to learn to forgive those that have caused you pain in your business (and your personal life!), so you can move forward with the best intentions and create ultimate success within your business!

7 Steps to Creating an Abundance Check for Business Owners

The New Moon is a perfect time to think about what you want to create in the coming days. Your business or job is the lifeline to how you share your wisdom with others. Whether you own your own business or work for an organization or company, having a feeling of abundance and prosperity will help you create an appreciation of all the good in your life.

The use of an abundance check helps you produce more abundance and prosperity in your business or job. It is a tool that has been handed down over many years and therefore, I am unsure of its origin. But I do know that by having an abundance check written brings additional prosperity and abundance in my business and personal life.

It’s not only about “money”, but prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your business or job such as confidence, new clients, knowledge, skills, courage, etc.
So, here are 7 steps to writing an Abundance Check:

1) Within 24-hours of a New Moon, write your check. You can make your own or you can use one from your own checkbook. I like to make my own, because I no longer keep bank checks, as I can write them from my account online.

2) Create the check as you would as a normal check. Below you can see my check that I created. You can add or subtract any embellishment you desire. You can use essential oils to make them scented, such as clove, frankincense, orange, or ginger.

3) Fill the check in as if it were a normal check. Here is my check that is completed

4) Once your check is written, you can say a prayer, affirmation, or chant. Here are a few you can choose from

Thank you, Universe for the many gifts of abundance and prosperity that you have given to me and are preparing to give to me.
I am grateful for the prosperity and abundance in my business (career).
I am thankful for all the riches in my business (career).
Money flows through me, in me, and around me all my days.
The abundance in my life helps those around me and I am grateful.
I stay aligned with the energy of abundance and prosperity by staying mindful of my thoughts, words, and actions.

5) Put the check in a safe place. Some people leave it on an alter. Others put it in their checkbook or wallet. What you do with the check is up to you. You can leave it on a vision board at work or frame it on your desk.

6) At the full moon discard the check. You can tear it up. Burn it. Or flush it down the toilet. The choice is yours.

7) Say a prayer of thanksgiving for all the abundance and prosperity you received and will continue to receive.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial on how to write a business abundance check!

Affirmation: Learn

Tomorrow is my first day as a lead for the new April Stillbirthday (SBD) class. These women and men are taking the courageous step to learn something new about birth and bereavement care over the next 8 weeks. I’m excited to be on this journey with them as they embark on helping families with a loss. I’m also embarking on Tai Chi lessons with my husband. What are you doing to learn something new? Are you taking a class? Reading a book on a topic that you’ve wanted to become more proficient at? What skills are you trying to improve?

When you take the time to learn something new, you grow and expand your knowledge and ability to connect with others. During that time, you may cling to past feelings and beliefs, but it’s important to make room for growth and understanding from the new information you’re learning. If you do, you’ll gain insight where you didn’t before.

As you move through the materials or lessons you are working on, you may find additional benefit from sharing your thoughts with others. Your vulnerability and openness may give a friend the nudge they need to also take the step to learn something new. This vulnerability will also help you grow and expand to new levels.

Love & Light!

Affirmation: Grounding 5-Tips

No one can completely have zero drama or emotional upset in their lives. Your life and the experiences you have revolve around the vibrational energy that you’re putting out into the universe. When you think about all the emotional distress in your life, talking to family, friends, co-workers, internet friends, people you meet at the store…you end up re-living that emotional upset in your life, every time you repeat the story. And what inevitably happens is that something else equally or more upsetting pops up into your life and gives you more emotional upset.

You also can be caught up in the drama of others. Scrolling through social media feeds, watching the news, and listening the emotional upset of others can bring your own vibrations down. When the negative thoughts, and actions of others start to wear you down, you’ll need to release it from your life.
Whether it’s your own life or the wear and tear of others that has you in an emotionally upset, there are actions you can take to improve your emotional state of mind. By grounding yourself, you can calm your mind, body, and spirit of the emotions that you are experiencing. The information is meant to help you refocus your attention on the emotions that are upsetting, to feeling of calm and heal. Some of the suggestions will not work for everyone, but you won’t know until you try.

Tip #1 Get your body back to center
Feel your body. Sit down and notice the sensations around you. Notice your breathing and focus on relaxing. Breathe deeply and release negative feelings when you exhale.

Tip #2 Move your eyes
There is a new therapy technique in the field of psychology that is called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing). To learn more about EMDR you can read about it here and here. For this blog, the exercise is meant to have you concentrate your attention on eye movement to release the emotional upset that currently has control over you. Find a vertical line to focus on and move your eyes slowly up and down. While your moving your eyes up and down, say something like “I am at peace am relaxed.” Do this until you’re in a state of calm.

Tip #3 Count while looking at an object
Find an object that is pleasing to you and count while looking at it. Keep counting until you’re feeling calm and relaxed.

Tip #4 Be active
Take a walk or bike to start feeling calm and relax. You can try other physical activities like hiking, swimming, or horseback riding.

Tip #5 Meditate
Sit in a comfortable position and focus your thoughts on a peaceful setting. You can use music or audio recordings to enhance your experience. For instance, if you’re envisioning a bubbling creek, you can listen to sounds of a bubbling creek on YouTube or through a white noise machine. Center your attention on the environment in your mind until you’re relaxed and calm.

Once you have grounded yourself from the emotional upset that you’ve experienced you can begin to reset your vibrational frequency to something positive and uplifting. Re-shift your focus on the feelings of calm, relief, and love that is in your life. I hope these 5 tips helps you find new ways to ground yourself when you’re experiencing emotional upset.

Love & Light!

Affirmation: Relax

Worrying about the things in your life that can go wrong can lead to you stress over events that you have no control over. This needless worry and stress is unhealthy. You feel exhausted and may end up with illnesses related to the stress and worry you have daily. Most of our worries are things that never come to pass.

To relax you need to decide what can go right. Visualize the aspects of that worry and turn it into a positive realization.

Step one, to visualize your day going right, go into a peaceful environment.

Step two, breath deep until you’re calm and relaxed. Try your best to slow your thoughts.

Step three, think about all the good things that can go through right during your day. Start with waking up happy, and go through your day at every important moment.

Step four, close your meditation with a positive affirmation on staying happy and relaxed.

Here is one:

All is well.

Everything is as it should be in my life.

I enjoy living in the moment.

I choose to take one day at a time and I focus my mind and energy on moving myself forward in a positive direction.

I am relaxed and calm.

I am ready for whatever the day brings. Rosemary E. King

Take time to be aware of your thoughts and feelings. If things start to go south, stay focused on the positive and let go of the parts that are not serving you to your highest good.

Love & Light!

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is an abbreviation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as it relates to being able to evaluate these four components in any decision-making process, especially useful in business matters.  The use of SWOT can help individual businesses find gaps or breaches within their organization.  The tool is meant to give insight to the four areas in a business.  In each area, questions are asked that reveal the answers to how each relates to the overall health of a business or organization.

An outline each component below:

  • Strengths: Discovering the characteristics of the business or project that provide an advantage over the competition
  • Weaknesses: Discovering characteristics of the business that put the business or project at a disadvantage, leaving the business or organization behind the competition
  • Opportunities: Discovering the pieces of the environment that the business or project could use to achieve outcomes that would provide an advantage over the competition
  • Threats: Discovering the pieces of the environment that could cause a breakdown or disadvantage for the business or project, leaving the business or organization behind the competition.

Regularly preforming this analysis (quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly, etc.), will give you’re the upper-hand in knowing your business and its relation to your competition.  Without knowing what the competition is doing, you fail to keep up with industrial standards and may overlook an important product or service that customers are eager to purchase from you.

Below is my own version of SWOT, there are many out there.  Take your time to research any question you don’t know the answer to.  Use additional paper if needed.  And if you’re really struggling, reach out to me!

Affirmation: Gratitude

Today listening on the radio the DJs had a Gratitude Monday and they asked listeners to call in or text #blessed (hashtag blessed) and share what they were thankful for today. Usually you see people sharing their thankfulness on Thursdays or during the month of November and then not much after that.
When you share your gratitude, you send out positive energy into the universe you receive positive energy in return. Some benefits of being grateful or thankful are:

  • Better sleep
  • More relaxed
  • Less stressed
  • Healthier relationships
  • More optimistic

All areas of your life will improve the more you are in a state of gratitude. How can you stay in a state of gratitude? You could journal what you’re grateful for, share your thoughts with friends and family, meditating on what you’re thankful for, or writing each gratitude on a piece of paper and place in a jar to review at the end of the year. So, what are you thankful for today?

Affirmation: Attitude

Your attitude regarding your business and family life is directly correlated to how easily you attract positive experiences.  When you’re in a positive vibration of connecting with other positive people, the universe will respond appropriately.  People will be introduced to you in many ways, so be open to meeting those individuals on a daily basis.  Everyone you encounter has a lesson or purpose for being in your life at that particular moment.  There are no accidents when you are introduced to a new person, so pay particular attention to your needs, attitude, and feelings of whatever is going on in your life when you meet someone new.

If you loose sight of the positive focus during the day, come back to this email and read the affirmation again, to realign your vibration to a positive mindset.  Know that with your positive attitude, positive people will flow into your life effortlessly.